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MacFly Pro Service

After gaining a certain experience, most users realize the need to have a simple but efficient cleanup tool. The in-built cleaning and optimizing features of MacOS usually represent means for manual operation that aren’t very efficient, especially if you face a complex cleaning task.

They involve long scanning process and require from user’s high concentration on details of the cleanup itself. Sometimes, together with real junk, user can accidently remove valuable stuff.

MacFly Pro is called to change the situation completely. It offers features to optimize your work with Mac by taking responsibility for scanning and suggesting your improvements and provides you with an easy and efficient cleanup procedure.

Why to use
  • Smart Assistant
    Performs background scanning of your system. It analyzes the results of scanning and suggests the ways to improve the performance in the form of notifications.
  • Cleanup automatically
    Scans your computer but the purpose is somewhat different. It searches for opportunities to release space on your disks. And its notification suggests you to dispose of unnecessary files.
  • Maximizes performance
    It finds duplicate files, uninstalled but not removed applications and proposes you to get rid of them to boost your Mac’s performance. Its another function is organizing your daily schedule.
  • Photo Junk and iTunes Junk
    Finds all of the attached photos information that is unnecessary and deletes it, without losing a single photograph. With the creation of playlists comes copied album art, cache files and wasted space.
    1. Clear Idea Saving01
    2. Mac Scanning02
    3. Simple Use03
    4. Organise Priorities04
    Processes we follow

    One Application for several issues

    With this app you can easily control all your important files, other way they go to bin.

    01/ 05

    Saving your time and space

    Listen to music and enjoy only your best audios and podcasts & playlist.

    02/ 05

    Simplicity and nice interface

    Makes your routine issues easy with professional help.

    03/ 05

    Saving best moments together

    From now it is easier to remove dublicates or unnecessarily images into bin at once.

    04/ 05

    Analyzing and Deleting

    MacFly Pro analyzes all our computer files and removes useless materials only after your agreement.

    05/ 05
    MacFly Pro benefits

    More details about three MacFly Pro blocks

    Smart Assistant

    Scanning the computer, Smart Assistant performs a comprehensive analysis in the context of possible improvement. Besides the overall condition of the computer, it analyzes resources used by the browser, the frequency of use of individual apps, and the presence of file duplicates. When it finds a possibility of improvement, it notifies you about this.


    Cleanup deals with the proper arrangement of your files and helps in releasing space on the hard drive. Its primary function is to search for every kind of leftover from uninstalled apps, corrupted logs, and unnecessary caches and helping you to remove them. It offers an easy and user-friendly interface where you may look through the files prior to their actual removal.

    Additional Tools

    Tools focuses on general system optimization and offers extremely easy cleaning procedure helping you to deal with large files, groups of files and duplicates. Another advantage of the Tools module is an excellent performance in analyzing multimedia files. Besides, Tools perfectly handles archives and extensions on your Mac and performs uninstalling without any leftover files remained on your disk.


    Boosting your Mac: Clearing cache on the hard disk

    Clearing Mac cache: general notes

    The routine procedure of clearing cache on a Mac device seems inevitable for everybody who practices intensive web surfing. The cache (more correctly, cached data) that we mention here is mainly web cache (HTLM pages and images temporarily stored on the hard disk to reduce the server lag or, in plain words, to reduce the time of accessing already visited web page), which especially often accumulates on the hard drive hindering the machine’s performance.

    Over time, cache stored on your hard drive takes on more and more of its free space. Eventually, the volume of the cache (certainly, together with other kind of junk) becomes a serious burden for your Mac. Clearing cache may be a really complex task. The manual procedure of clearing cache on a Mac may be reasonable only with small amounts. But when your device performance becomes slow due to the shortage of free disk space as a result of the expanded junk stuff of any kind, then you will certainly need a special cleaner software like или MacFly Pro. Now we will describe in more details the program’s components and functioning. Clearing cache on iMac is identical to the procedures that we present below.

    Clearing cache on a Mac hard drive with the use of MacFly Pro

    To clear Mac cache in the most efficient way you need MacFly Pro cleaning program which contains three modules specialized on different procedures. Each module can perform the background scanning. However, each has its preferable functions that it can do better than the other modules. Together three modules of the MacFly Pro represent a relaible engine for clearing the cache on a Mac computer.

    Thus, SmartAssistant module is focused on the analysis of resources used by the browser, file duplicates and seldom used apps as well as on the overall condition of your computer. The module sends you notifications of possible improvements that can be appied either instantly or at a scheduled time.

    CleanUp module allows a wide customization of the scanning procedure. The scan can be set to locate particular categories of potential junk such as temporary internet files, email trash and unnecessary cache files. The module constantly measures the size of potentially unnecessary files including system and user’s cache and logs. It possesses a very handy interface that allows intuitive navigation and secure removal of unnecessary files.

    Module Tools is responsible for more detailed scanning that detects not only obvious junk stuff, but also dubious files which removal is to be thoroughly considered by the user. Also Tools perfectly uninstalls no longer needed applications.

    Needless to say that the combined work of three powerful modules ensures safe removal of all unnecessary stuff including cache without any danger of deleting necessary files. With MacFly Pro the whole procedure of clearing Mac cache becomes simple and secure.

    No doubt, the use of MacFly Pro allows the users to avoid all troubles that they would experience when manually clearing cache on Mac and everyone of them will be able to boost their Mac cleaning cache on its hard drives.